Information for Students

This publication server is intended to meet the obligation for students of FH JOANNEUM to submit copies of accepted Bachelor’s, Master’s and Diploma theses to the library. Once a thesis has been uploaded by the author and formally examined and released by the library, it is published within the IP address of FH JOANNEUM throughout the campus. The author also has the option to make the publication open access (available worldwide). Your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Diploma thesis will be made available in electronic form via the ePUB publication server. By uploading the document you fulfil the legal deposit requirement. It is your decision whether you make your thesis available throughout the campus (= within the IP address of FH JOANNEUM) or open access (= worldwide). After being uploaded, your document will be formally examined by library staff. Once examined, your document will be released and will be visible and accessible both via ePUB and our catalogue. If you have any queries, please consult the FH JOANNEUM library team (